Name: Bastet 'Skittles' Snækefightër

Smart AI: Snow; A snow leopard Age: 15 Date of Birth: December 19, 2543 Place of Birth: New York City, NY, America Insignia: Based off of: //Egyptian// Bast, the cat goddess of protection, slayer of the demon snake of Chaos, Apophis Weapons: Two steel-colored sai by the names of Thorn and Sting; also has a electric blue katana. Semi-automatic crossbow that fires steel-bolt, poisoned arrows at the speed of a hummingbird’s wing-beat. Also has multiple armament of lethal explosives and light-shows that she refers to as “Fireworks” Armor: Electric blue steel chestplate Godlike Abilities: Has great night vision, can shift into a snow leopard, can handle 0 degree weather, super strong, and graceful, able to keep her balance.

Race: Edenite



Eye Color: Light Blue Hair Color: Raven Black Skin Color: Peach Body Markings: None Height: 5'3 ft. Weight: 98 lbs.

**************************(Snow Leopard)****************************

Eye Color: Light Blue Fur Color: White Body Markings: Black spots Height: 4'5 ft. Weight: 103 lbs.

/////////////Additional Information///////////// Theme Song: Centuries ~ Fall Out Boy; Warriors ~ Imagine Dragons Zodiac: Sagittarius Likes: Shopping, Gaming, Flannel, Hats, and Lattes Dislikes: Quiet, The Dark, Not Having Fun Mentality: Is very outgoing; but when she fights, she takes everything very seriously. Bio: She lead quite the happy life, one day though; after school, she returned from school to find her house trashed. Her family was gone, though no sign of blood or a struggle was found. There was traces of demonic forces, believing them to be gone she explored the rest of her house. But, unbeknownst to her, one demon had stayed behind. The two struggled for a short period of time until the demon had gained the upper hand and was about to kill her when a Grimmby the name of Xavier came by; he saved her and raised her as his daughter. Once she reached the age of 14 she decided to go out into the world to protect it from demons. So she decided to be recruited into the Fable Company. To this day she still looks for her family, secretly hoping they’re still alive.