Name: Fϵnryr 'Ragnarok' WørldÆter

Smart AI: Lyaecon (a black wolf) Age: 15 Date of Birth: December 20, 2543 Place of Birth: London, England Insignia: Based off of: //Norse// Fenrir, the ravenous, hungering wolf that devours the world at the time of Ragnarok. Weapons: a titanium steel rapier by the name of Wolfsbane; a titanium steel (kite model) shield by the name of Dragonscale; Dredd, a pitch black Military grade M80 sniper rifle; two specially modified TEC-9 pistols by the names of Skoll and Hati Armor: a silver steel breastplate, and pauldrons and gauntlets for the right arm. Gold steampunk pauldron and gauntlets for the left arm Godlike Abilities/Attributes: ability to shapeshift into a dire wolf. Has a humongous appetite; warm-blooded; faster; stronger; better sense of hearing, sight, smell, and touch. Pyrokinetic Constructs

Race: Edenite



Eye color: left eye is gold, right is silver Hair color: honey brown Skin color: white Body markings: angelic rune on the left arm; demonic rune on the right arm; Tribal Wolf on the small of back. Height: 6’1” Weight: 230 lbs. **************************(Dire Wolf)******************************

Eye color: left eye is gold, right is silver Fur color: black with rust patches near the paws Body markings: a half angelic/half demonic rune on the shoulder blades Height: 7'8 Weight: 456 lbs

/////////////Additional Information/////////////

Theme Song: Louder Than Words ~ Les Friction; Wrong side of Heaven ~ Five Finger Death Punch Zodiac: Sagittarius Likes: books, music, drawing, pranks, food, messing around Dislikes: isolation, seriousness, collars, leashes, dog food Mentality: quite outgoing, but can be closed off or depressed at times. When fighting, usually can get a little sadistic and carried away. Bio: For the whole of his life, he never saw his mother. His father always propelled him to do better - almost to the point of insanity - so when demons slaughtered his family, he join Fable Company.