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This wiki is for the book: Fable: The Wakening Dark and any possible sequels. If you want a character please message me on Wattpad or find an alternative route. I hope to publish this if it is received well. While using the sales money to pay for my college fund. Concept art with be a while to bear with me here alright.


The year is 2558, and we are at war with the Denomaneir and their leader, Merzu. They, are the hosts of Hell. Humanity has suffered at their hands for 47 years. 30 years ago, the Nephilim introduced themselves to us and helped to repel the Host. 25 years ago the Valhallan Nine Worlds introduced themselves. 18 years ago it was Eden; Where the supernaturally strange people on Earth occurred from. With Eden's project, led by a man known only as "The Paradox." They have been the first line of defense against the demons for centuries. But the Hellmouth has opened, allowing all of Hell's abominations to escape. The Seven Lesser Evils and Dahrimanii still remain with an army of Goliaths at their disposal. Now, several Edenites have bee drafted into the 9th Hell Division to help repel this enemy threat.

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