Name: Sekhmet ‘Sky’ F៲rєfបry

Smart AI: Nala; A lioness Age: 15 Date of Birth: December 28, 2534 Place of Birth: Santa Monica, CA, America Insignia: Based off of: //Egyptian// Sekhmet, the goddess of war and justice. General advisor to Ra Weapons: Wrath, a cinquedea with hieroglyphics inscribed into the blade; Vengeance, an ebony bow with hieroglyphic inscriptions in ivory. Armor: Demonic bronze armor with a magma glow to it. Also radiates heat and can surround Sky in a fire-wall. Godlike Abilities: Has a ‘Pheonix Aura’ which allows her to manipulate the raw element of fire and heal with it also.


                                                            • (Human)*******************************

Eye Color: Ash Grey Hair Color: Light-brown with red and yellow tips. Skin Color: White/Tan Body Markings: A mark of war, a long, faded scar on her back from a cursed blade. And a brand on her back of a tribal pheonix. Height: 5’8 ft. Weight: 101 lbs.

                                                    • (Pheonix Aura)*****************************

Eye Color: Ruby Red Hair Color: Fiery Gold Skin Color: A blinding, glowing, white Body Markings: A tribal fire tattoo that wraps around arms; intersecting at the neck. Height: 5’8 ft. Weight: 101 lbs.

/////////////Additional Information///////////// Theme Song:

  • Nightcore* The Hanging Tree ~ ; *Nightcore* This is War ~ Thirty Seconds to Mars Zodiac: Capricorn Likes: Perfection, Fighting, Travel, Reading, Photography Dislikes: Disorder, Loudness, Water Mentality: Is not as outgoing as the others, and would rather practice her abilities then socialize with the others -even though they try to make her have some fun sometimes- She takes battles very seriously, and gets annoyed if the others get carried away. Bio: As a child, Sky was taught how to fight and use her skills. During a day of training alone, her family is murdered by the demons. She vows vengeance over losing them, and runs away somewhere, and continues to perfect her powers, and use them correctly. After several years of fighting, she is asked to join the Company, where she thinks she will be able to get her revenge.